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Gör din konferens till ett event som består

21 May 2015

Konferenser har anordnats under många decennier, och har tidigare varit något tradigt och tråkigt fyllt med alldeles för mycket information på samma gång. Detta har gjort att många ser en konferens som något jobbigt och påträngande som måste genomlidas. Hade du tur fick du en kopp kaffe för att hålla korpgluggarna öppna, så att du [...]

From sending invoices to “invoicing”

1 Aug 2012

Maybe not all people immediately can understand what is invoicing. It is generating and sending invoices for some products or services you sold or provided. I did it for years but didn’t call it invoicing. Nowadays the word invoicing and different solutions for sending invoices are very popular. I used my bookkeeping program for generating [...]

Invoicing software is the best assistant of your business

4 Apr 2012

How are you invoicing your customers? Do you create an invoice, print it and send to the customer by postal mail? Earlier it was common procedure. Nowadays invoicing software provides more efficient, cheaper and easier ways of creating, sending and administration your invoices. E-invoicing includes all the stages between creating invoice and receiving payment or [...]