Nozzle Types

2 Jan 2014

The definition of nozzles is devices that are engineered to control the flow of substances which are in a liquid or gaseous form, such as water or air. A nozzle can potentially regulate the direction, speed and / or pressure of the liquid or gas that passes through or over it. A spray nozzle further [...]

From sending invoices to “invoicing”

1 Aug 2012

Maybe not all people immediately can understand what is invoicing. It is generating and sending invoices for some products or services you sold or provided. I did it for years but didn’t call it invoicing. Nowadays the word invoicing and different solutions for sending invoices are very popular. I used my bookkeeping program for generating [...]

Rent a house in Thailand and go watching the art of Muay Thai

14 Mar 2012

Thai boxing or Muay Thai is familiar word combination for almost everyone. But have you ever thought or the origin of this martial art? The best opportunity to find out about Muay Thai is to visit Thailand and to watch Muay Thai competition. It will be adventurous trip and fascinating show for you and your [...]

Share and get feedback on your visuals

14 Dec 2010

Try Thecommentor -  Share and get feedback on your visuals Upload any type of visuals you have You can upload web-site sketches, interface layouts, icons sets or even PDF brochures. Share your uploads with the others Any visual you have uploaded can be shared with unlimited number of your colleagues and clients. Get feedback on [...]

Baan Talay Samran Hotel

16 Oct 2010

Stunning two storey 2 bedroom Beach Villa in Baan Talay Samran, Cha-am,  Thailand available for rent. Located only 180 km south of Bangkok and 25 km north of Hua Hin. Best value for money for your stay in Cha-am! Located on a direct beach location a few km's from Cha-am main town center. Embraced by [...]

WordPress Ping List

12 Oct 2010

Surfguiden recommended ping list for a WordPress blog! All ping servers in the list are 100% fully functional and tested. Every time you post these services will be notified of your new blogpost increasing your online exposure. Have noticed there is many old ping lists available with hundreds of ping servers. Unfortunately most of them [...]

cbnet Ping Optimizer WordPress Plugin

12 Oct 2010

At the same time as you update your Word Press ping list it’s also a good idea to install the cbnet Ping Optimizer WordPress Plugin. It gives you additional functionality to test and verify your ping list! Your WordPress blog pings unnecessarily every time you edit a post! Think how many times you click on [...]

Apple iphone 4G Gold

11 Oct 2010

Have some bucks availible; looking for something unique and cool? Hmmmm then take a look at the Iphone 4 Gold edition! The company Goldstriker Internatonal took the black iPhone 4 32GB smartphone and dips the buttons and the antenna surround in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Before the antenna and buttons were dipped [...]