From sending invoices to “invoicing”

Maybe not all people immediately can understand what is invoicing. It is generating and sending invoices for some products or services you sold or provided. I did it for years but didn’t call it invoicing. Nowadays the word invoicing and different solutions for sending invoices are very popular.

I used my bookkeeping program for generating invoices. But then I understood that special programs for invoicing provide more useful features. And also my friends were advising me to try invoicing software. I was very fascinated and attracted by the idea to buy invoicing software. As it turned out, I didn’t need to buy invoicing program immediately. As I heard most of software gives some period for free. I was given even 2 months of free use. It was very nice to get such a bonus.

I started with very simple things, like adding a product that I sell. I filled all necessary fields and product became saved in the database. When I create invoice I can just add saved product by few clicks. The same is with customers. I have some permanent customers who are ordering products often. I also added them to the invoicing software.

The process of creating invoice surprised me by its simplicity. One click to Create New Invoice and invoice editing window appears with generated number of invoice. Two clicks for adding products and customer. And the only that left is to set a due date. Beautiful invoice is ready for printing or sending by email.

When I created my first invoice with invoicing manager, I decided that I will send invoices only by email. I always wanted to change the way of sending invoices. But I was afraid that someone of customers will be against receiving invoices by email. Now I understand that everyone has an email and computer at home or at work. To my mind it is more convenient when you receive all invoices to your email. As a customer I would be happy to receive invoices by email.

This is my small story about introduction of the invoicing software. My advice to everyone will be following - don’t be afraid of changing something in your business, because it will bring positive impact. Sometimes you can see benefits only in long-term, so be patient.

1 Aug 2012