Invoicing software is the best assistant of your business

How are you invoicing your customers? Do you create an invoice, print it and send to the customer by postal mail? Earlier it was common procedure. Nowadays invoicing software provides more efficient, cheaper and easier ways of creating, sending and administration your invoices. E-invoicing includes all the stages between creating invoice and receiving payment or even more. Imagine that invoicing doesn’t need paper, printer, post office and much time any more. The only things you need are computer, internet and invoicing software. Have you counted, how much money do you spend on invoicing? Paper, toner, post office and other coasts make this amount quite large. Now you can save your money and time by using invoicing software.

How does the invoicing software work?

When you start working with the invoicing software, you are asked to enter your company data, information about your customers and products or services you are providing. After that you can create an invoice. It is simple and fast, because you just choose the customer and products from the list. In a few simple steps your invoice is created. You can preview it and send directly to customer’s e-mail. Invoicing software has different useful features. You will probably like automatic recurring invoices. You can choose period and frequency of the recurring invoice and program will send invoices automatically. Some invoicing software let you register received payments. It is convenient when you can visually see the status of the invoices. The status can be "paid", "unpaid", "overdue", etc. You will find more useful features when start using invoicing software.

4 Apr 2012