Rent a house in Thailand and go watching the art of Muay Thai

Thai boxing or Muay Thai is familiar word combination for almost everyone. But have you ever thought or the origin of this martial art? The best opportunity to find out about Muay Thai is to visit Thailand and to watch Muay Thai competition. It will be adventurous trip and fascinating show for you and your friends. The only things you need to do are to rent a house in Thailand and to buy flight tickets.

Muay Thai comes from the origins of Thailand. People needed to defend themselves from incursion of the neighbor countries. So they used their own body to protect themselves. Nowadays firsts, feet, elbows, knees and shins participates in Muay Thai. That’s why Muay Thai is called “the art of eight limbs”. I advise you to rent a house in Thailand’s capital – Bangkok, because world Muay Thai championship is held exactly there. Championship usually starts in the end of November, so rent a house in Thailand some 3-4 month before the event.

In the past all the equipment for training was taken from nature. For example the trunk of banana tree was used for kicking practice. The boom of Muay Thai occurred in 1868 which was the Golden age of Thailand when king Rama V held power. Only in 1970s thanks to the legend of Kung Fu Bruce Lee, Muay Thai is appearing in gyms of Germany, USA, Australia and Holland. Now you can watch and try Muay Thai all over the world, but I advise you to come to Thailand and watch genuine Thai boxing. Now everything is done easily – you don’t have to go travel agency to rent a house in Thailand and to buy flight tickets. You can manage your trip by yourself. And remember that Muay Thai is worth coming to Thailand! Don’t hesitate, rent a house in Thailand and combine your vacation with the show of the great martial art of Thailand!

14 Mar 2012